April 2013 Meeting

The April meeting of Laydeez do Comics Chicago starred cartoonists Jeffrey Brown and Sharon Rosenzweig. Our guest blogger for April is Sarah Morton. You can click on her images below to enlarge them. First up, Jeffrey Brown describes in detail the process of making his forthcoming book, Matter of Life.
Process images from Jeffrey Brown’s Matter of Life
Matter of Life cover
There is an actual original book!
Matter of Life inside
Inside the original book
One of Jeffrey’s many lists, constantly revised, in making the book
A later list
Our second presenter is Sharon Rosenzweig who presented three distinct projects. First, The Comic Torah which she did in collaboration with her husband, Aaron Freeman. Next she presented her work as an “investigative cartoonist” documenting the Occupy Movement. Finally she presented her comic project, “Mom’s Flock” which will appear in Greenwoman Magazine and on the Graphic Medicine website. “Drawing makes me fall in love with people.”
You can listen to the meeting and see small corresponding images at the link below.

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