Laydeez do Comics is a unique salon with a focus on graphic works based on life narrative, the drama of the domestic, and the everyday. Invited guest speakers have 10-20 minute slots to present works/ideas followed by a Q&A. Refreshments are served.

Launched in London in July 2009, the group was set up by two women wanting to create a venue for women in autobiographic comics, the illustrator and author of award winning graphic novel Billy, Me & You, Nicola Streeten


and artist and curator Sarah Lightman.


It is the first women-led graphic novel forum in the world. Branches of Laydeez do Comics have now been started by women in San Francisco, Leeds, Glasgow, Bristol, Dublin, and Brighton, and here in Chicago.

Artists, academics, publishers and fans from around the world are invited to speak. It is a platform for people to test new works and ideas, where emerging artists present their work alongside more established practitioners. The evenings offer an inspiring experience in a social atmosphere for those new to comics and those already immersed.

Each month the meetings are recorded by invited guest bloggers. Have a look here.

The cost to attend is FREE with contributions for drinks and cake. EVERYONE ….men and women….. are WELCOME !

The organizers of the Chicago chapter of Laydeez do Comics are nurse, comics artist, and educator MK Czerwiec (pronounced sir-wick) aka Comic Nurse,


and artist and educator Riva Lehrer.


Our meetings are held at Quimby’s Comics, generally on the last Thursday of the month at 7pm.


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